Gerald & Khrisaun || A Billingsley House Museum Wedding

Although they are not U.S. secret agents, I was privileged to captivate Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s seamless and glorious wedding day. Gerald and Krishuan are not only clients, but longtime friends, and I witnessed their love mature and triumph over time. I was inspired by their optimism, idealism and desire to change the world through outreach and educating today’s youths. As such, these two inner city educators’ faiths never wavered regardless of obstacles and represent a beacon of hope to their students both in and outside their classroom.

Gerald and Krishaun infectious love radiates and you can’t help leave their classroom feeling inspired to make a difference regardless of how minimalistic or trivial it may seem. Their love, passion, and a faith in Jesus Christ was the central theme of their wedding, and to make certain this theme was properly conveyed they opted for do it yourself – DIY projects with the assistance of some family and friends to provide a sense of inclusiveness and ownership in the production.

I am blessed to call them my friends, and humbled to capture these precious moments on their special day. Although the memories of their wedding will last a lifetime, they will be able to drift back in time and recall the minor details when they look through their photo album.

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Dress Store || Global Bridal Gallery

Ceremony Venue || St. Augustine Catholic Church

Reception Venue || The Billingsley House

Coordinator || Terri Carter

Catering || The Chef's Table

Cake || Edibles Incredible

Groomsmen Attire || The Black Tux

Venue Florist || Dawn Jones

Bridal Bouquet & Grooms Boutonnieres || Park Florist

Makeup Artist || Beautifully You

Hair Stylist || Kristina Johnson

Photography || Rudney Novaes Photography

David & Jacqueline || Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are always fun and exciting, and I always look forward to shooting them because in many ways, they’re the exact opposite of a wedding shoot. That might seem silly to think about, but one of the best things about engagement sessions is they give the couple the chance to really be themselves, and let their personalities shine. They get to wear whatever they want, try out different locations, different poses, and really be more comfortable and casual with each other, since there is no added pressure of family members or friends, time crunches, expectations, etc.

Aren't they so adorable? 

Aren't they so adorable? 

It’s a great way for me to get to know a couple I’m working with, and a great way for that couple to get more comfortable in front of a camera, so when their wedding day rolls around, they already know my process, and can really be themselves.

The blazing climbing roses just enhanced Jackie's beutiful outfit! I'm loving it!  

The blazing climbing roses just enhanced Jackie's beutiful outfit! I'm loving it!  

To say it was an enjoyable experience being able to shoot this engagement session for David and Jacqueline would be a total understatement. We set up the shoot in Old Town Alexandria, in Virginia, which provided a beautiful backdrop for the session, and really allowed the two to be comfortable in the natural, historic setting. Since Jacqueline’s family is from Guatemala, the two are getting married in the ancient city of Antigua. So, having their engagement photos done here offers the best of both worlds!

He loves her so much that 10 min into our session, capture true love was an easy task! :) 

He loves her so much that 10 min into our session, capture true love was an easy task! :) 

What I really loved about this session was how naturally fun it was because of David and Jacqueline. They are so incredibly loving toward one another, and I was instantly impressed watching them interact, and noticing how much David cares for Jacqueline in every sense of the word. Their backstory definitely provided a bit of ‘extra’ romance to their engagement as well, as they told me their relationship started out as a sort of ‘forbidden love.’ David is an attorney, and Jacqueline is a paralegal, so dating at the workplace wasn’t allowed. They managed to overcome the rules, though, and prove that their love is everlasting. After knowing each other for about a year and a half, it’s clear that these two belong together, and that showed right away in this session.

David and Jacqueline-8892.jpg

I first met David and Jacqueline through a dear friend, Luisa, who was actually able to help me on the day of the shoot to make sure everything ran smoothly, and to ensure I could get the best shots possible! I can only imagine how beautiful this wedding will be, not only because of the historic setting, but simply because of the gleaming love these two have for each other. They’re certainly not afraid to show the love that comes naturally to them, and it was a completely refreshing, rejuvenating, and exciting experience to be a part of.